Open-SESSAME Framework

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Many students and researchers of satellite dynamics and control must independently develop software simulations each time a new research project begins. These simulations are typically built for the research task at hand and are not easily adaptable to future projects. Furthermore, many students have little experience developing simulations, or may not know where to begin, where to focus, and how to best implement components so they can be resuable between projects and for other students and engineers. The Open-SESSAME framework addresses these issues by providing a common groundwork upon which students can learn how simulators are implemented and develop their own components for use in the framework for their own research.

The Space Systems Simulation Laboratory (SSSL) at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia is working on a number of projects that work to develop new methodologies for the simulation and analysis of spacecraft and their associated systems.\ These projects include both hardware and software simulation techniques used in tandem to better understand the interplay of satellite dynamics with novel control and sensing strategies. As a result of the unique requirements of many of the projects, a single commercial software package has not yet fulfilled the needs of the lab. An open-source and extensible simulation framework creates a reusable basis for future simulation projects while also allowing the students and researchers to configure the simulation to their unique specifications. Furthermore, users are able to interface the simulation software with other analysis packages that may be required for their research.




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